Trade Like Banks with PK FX Academy’s Smart Money Concept Signals

Do you hear that? It’s a Sign to Buy PK FX Academy’s Smart Money Concept Signals! PK FX Academy presents novice and experienced traders alike with the opportunity to get inside the minds of our team of experts. You can use their trading methods and operations to push your profit margins higher. For a small price, you can get access to the best signals and more.

Smart Money Concept Signals

Whether you’re a scalper, day trader, or swing trader – our signals will be right on your charts and platform. You can expect anywhere between 3 to 5 signals in your inbox every single day. The risk/reward ratio of our trades will always lie between 1.3 RR and 1.20 RR. Moreover, as if that wasn’t enough already, your signals with stop-loss entry points come with a fully detailed and comprehensive analysis too.

Smart money

It is common knowledge that most of the take-profit signal providers often hide the losses they make on their trades. This is why PK FX Academy offers its subscribers 1TP – 1SL type signals instead. This gives subscribers an unadulterated view of our traders’ trading outcomes. With this type of signal, it becomes impossible to conceal one’s losses. Going into heavy detail on specific financial markets, we have in store 24 Forex Pair signals and 3 Commodities Pair

Our subscription options are flexible to satisfy the maximum number of users. Below are your options:

  • Pay $60 monthly
  • Pay $150 quarterly
  • Transfer $450 for a lifetime subscription

Some traders might like to receive real-time notifications on their signals and orders, we’ve taken care of that, here at PK FX Academy! And if you’re the average trader, you might need assistance once in a while – maybe even daily. Not to worry, our responsive customer support team is here to address and resolve all your issues any time of the day or week – simply reach out to us.

Call to action

Whether you lack the time or experience to create your own signals, PK FX Academy’s signal provider service is the solution!

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