Rising Window Candlestick Pattern: A Trader’s Guide

Rising Window Candlesticks Pattern

The two positive bars make up the rising window candlestick pattern. There is a gap between each candlestick in the rising window design, and there are no intersecting shadows. The gap is the separation between two bars, ups and downs. It is created as a result of high trading volatility.

It indicates that bulls are in control and that the price is most likely to rise further. Look at the size of the gap to better understand the importance of the pattern. For instance, a large gap indicates a large price rise, whereas a tiny difference indicates a little price change.

Rising window patterns are recognized as bullish and show that the price of the stock will probably increase in the near future. Traders frequently use the rising window pattern to identify an uptrend and decide whether to purchase.

rising window candlestick

How to find Rising Window Pattern?

You must do the following in order to find a rising window pattern:

  • The first stage is finding an uptrend in the trade, which shows that the security’s price is rising over the period.
  • The distance between the high of the current candlestick and the low of the most recent one that was generated is known as the gap between two bullish bars.
  • The bodies of the two bullish bars should be big, representing a strong buying trend.
  • During a bullish price trend, the Rising Window Pattern should appear.

rising window

You have discovered a rising window pattern, which is a positive trend and indicates that, provided certain conditions are met, the stock price is expected to increase further soon.

Information Table of Rising Window Pattern

Structure Descriptions
Quantity of Candlesticks Two
Prediction  Continuation of Bullish trend
Prior Trend Bullish Trend
Counter pattern Falling Window

What does the pattern of the rising window convey to traders?

Traders see the rising window pattern as a bullish sign, showing that the price of the stock is likely to increase further in the near future. From the Rising Window pattern, traders may learn the following important information:

  • This pattern that shows that the price of the stock is increasing over time supports the existence of an uptrend.
  • The rising Window pattern shows that the market is positive and that buyers are in charge.
  • Traders often use the rising window pattern as a positive signal, taking long positions in the stock in hopes of more price increases.
  • Traders can also use the second candle’s bottom to put a stop-loss order in case the price starts to fall.

Call to action

Trading decisions may be made more wisely by understanding this pattern, which gives traders important ideas about the mood of the market. To verify a trade, it is usually advisable to employ a number of indicators and technical analysis tools because no one pattern is reliable.

In contrast to that, If the rising window pattern occurs under the resistance level, there is a chance of a reversal. As a result, trading rising window candlestick patterns near the resistance level is not suggested. If a rising window pattern develops after the resistance level has been broken, it will do so and serve as a powerful trend continuation sign.


 Important Points 

The rising window pattern’s gap also serves as a powerful support level. To close a gap, the price will occasionally briefly retrace its steps before starting its upward movement. Wait until a rising window pattern appears if you’re looking for a buying chance.

But because of its wide range, the bullish candlestick necessitates a bigger stop loss and a lower risk-to-reward ratio. Following a bullish candlestick confirmation at the gap level, you can open a buy order after waiting for a little fall in price to close the gap. It is the ideal sign to purchase a trade or commodity.

Rising Window candlesticks are helpful in the forex market. However, due to the high amount of instability, a rising window pattern hardly ever shows up on the price chart of forex currency pairs.

Call to action

You shouldn’t confuse a gap with a rising window pattern because gaps frequently exist in forex over the weekend. The gap on weekends is definitely different from the gap caused by the rising window pattern. The gap over the weekend is simply due to a lack of Data availability.

Rising Window Candlestick Pattern Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits Drawbacks
Rising Window Candlestick Pattern suggests a strong bullish attitude and possible price movement to the upward. somewhat unique pattern, hence it might not show up often in a price graph.
For traders, the Rising Window Candlestick Pattern may show a suitable time to purchase. Sometimes the pattern generates wrong alarms, particularly in challenging circumstances when price variations could be inflated.
Rising Window patterns offer traders the chance to open long positions as they show a future trend change from negative to positive. Rising Window patterns cannot be used as the only signal for a trade because other variables, such as market circumstances, can cause price changes.


It is vital to note that the Rising Window pattern should be used in connection with other technical and fundamental analyses. It tries to increase forecast precision and lessen the likelihood of false signals. A rising window candlestick pattern is the finest sign to purchase a stock or index.

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