It’s About Time You Passed a Prop Firm Challenge

Let PX FX Academy Lead

Prop Firm challenges are designed to be back-breaking and keep traders on their toes. The difficulty of the situation is accelerated by the fact that the trading conditions and time restraints actively work against the trader in question at all times. However, at PX FX Academy, our experts have carefully studied the challenge’s specifics.

They devise a plan to get you on the other side of the fence in less than 20 days – at all costs. We only need 20 days to help you inch closer to achieving your financial goals in life.

The strategy formulated leaves no room for anomalies. It guarantees all traders who work with us will be able to pass the challenge – 100%. Once you’ve qualified for a funded account, you can expect monthly profit margins ranging between 25% and 40%.

Prop firm

While this may be an attractive offer on its own, by continuing to work with us after you’ve qualified for a funded account – we can ensure that your funded account will begin to generate passive income in no time at all as well.

Price on Two-Phase Pass

Let’s talk pricing. Unlike other account management service providers that charge unreasonably high fees for their services, we’ve kept ours at a minimum to make it affordable for novice traders.

Read on to view our prices for different two-phase passes below:

  •   5000 – $70
  •   10,000 – $105
  •   20,000 – $165
  •   50,000 – $250
  •   100,000 – $410
  •   200,000 – $630

Call to action

It is natural to have doubts and question the way we work. However, you have our word that all of our work will be done manually – without using any EA or Martiangle Trading.

We’ve saved the best for last: in the unlikely event that we cannot keep our word, you can request a 100% refund (within 30 days of registration). Your satisfaction will always be our top priority!

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