High Accuracy Strategy for Beginners by PK FX Academy

Passing a Funded Traders Challenge Will Take You Forever if You’re Not Enrolled in the PK FX Academy

Ever wonder how some of these funded traders have made it so far in life? While you are still here trying to pass your first funded trader challenge? Say no more; PK FX Academy has cracked the code and has no intention of gatekeeping this auspicious information any longer. Our strategy is your ticket to financial freedom.

Features of Funded Passed Strategy

As a part of this strategy, you will take part in 4-5 trades daily. The spreads from 5 pips to 15 pips are charged on all asset classes. Moreover, your risk/reward ratio will be between 1.20 and 1.3 RR. Also, you will be granted the opportunity to learn how to work with fixed pairs.

This strategy, while theoretically, could be used by traders of all kinds. It has been engineered, keeping specifically intraday traders (also referred to as day traders) in mind. A successful and learned intraday trader knows how to use the day’s fluctuations in price to his own advantage. He can capitalize off of even the smallest movements in price.

PK FX Academy’s Funded Challenge Strategy Course can help you understand how their brains are wired to make the best possible trading decisions. It allows you to minimize your losses substantially – on any and all trading platforms.

The course fee has been capped at $300. Paying this small amount will unlock lifetime support on anything related to the strategy. It grants you access to PK FX Academy’s premium telegram channel. This way, you can keep tabs on the latest updates in the strategy. Because we continue to make a few tweaks here and there to optimize it.

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Some Assurances

You’ve probably read about or been a victim of various scams since the internet is full of them in this day and age. You might also think this makes it only normal for you to be skeptical about the effectiveness and credibility of our strategy.

Let us assure you that the hard-working individuals at PK FX Academy have no ulterior motives. They are really only here to share their knowledge with the wider struggling trader populace. Additionally, we also have a policy of refunding consumers’ hard-earned cash if the strategy doesn’t prove to work for them in two weeks’ time.

You really do have nothing to lose. Sign up for this course, and join the ranks of other successfully funded traders!

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