A Complete Guide to Bearish Abandoned Baby Candlestick

What is Bearish Abandoned Baby?

A downturn can produce a bearish abandoned baby candlestick pattern, which is a bearish reversal pattern. This candlestick pattern, which is made up of three candle bars, is considered a powerful indicator of a reversal.

There is a long bullish candlestick as the first stick, then a doji candlestick that gaps away from the first stick, and finally, a short bearish candlestick that gaps away from the doji stick. 

Bearish Abandon

How can I find a bearish abandoned baby?

.To find this pattern, we have to learn some steps, which are as follows:

  • The first stick is a long bullish candle bar, representing a prior uptrend
  • The second stick is a doji candle bar that forms after the first bar, representing indecision and a potential reversal
  • The final stick is a bearish candle bar that also gaps away from the doji bar, confirming the reversal.

 It’s important to note that the gaps between the candle bars are serious in identifying this pattern. If the gaps are not present, it may not be a valid abandoned baby pattern. Keep in mind that this pattern is considered a strong sign of reversal, but it’s always good to use it in combination with other technical analysis indicators.

Bearish Abandoned Baby



The quantity of candlesticks Three
Prediction Reversal OF Bearish Trend
Prior Trend Bullish Trend
Counter pattern Bullish Abandoned Baby

Technical investigation 

You may fix that this candlestick pattern stands with the rally base drop pattern by looking at the price.

Let us define how the price will change the bearish abandoned baby pattern trend.

  • Rally: A bullish candlestick with a low beginning price and a higher ending price shows a price rally. Buyers are driving the price in a positive direction with more impressive momentum than sellers.
  • Base: Because the Doji candlestick indicates market uncertainty, the price movement will stand here following the rally. Price will turn to the side.
  • Drop: Following a Doji, a large bearish candlestick will appear, signalling a dramatic decline in price from a key level.

As a result, this term has a clear connection to supply and demand in technical analysis. It generates an output. This indicates a trend reversal from a zone of supply or resistance.

Baby Candlestick

The ideal environment for a bearish baby candle

Three circumstances will increase the possibility of a trend reversal. For this purpose, you may also use your technological resources.

  • On the chart, this pattern should change at a zone of supply or resistance.

It has to 

  • produce a fake breakthrough over the vital level, and it is optional.

The strength of this trading pattern will also increase under overbought situations


Difference between a bearish abandoned baby candlestick and an evening Doji star

These two candlestick patterns change from one another in two key ways.

  • Gap up: Compared to bearish and bullish candlesticks, the Doji candlestick in the bearish abandoned baby candlestick has a higher starting and closing price. It develops a gap. However, there is no space between the doji and the other candlesticks in the evening Doji star.
  • There can be more than one doji in an abandoned baby candlestick design, but there will only be one doji candle in an evening doji star.

Main Points 

  • Multiple candlestick patterns of reversal contain the abandoned baby candlestick pattern.
  • Traders use the bearish abandoned baby to leave a buy position and start a short position since it indicates a reversal in the downtrend.
  • Traders should practice additional trading tools, like the moving average indicator or the Fibonacci retracement, to confirm the creation of this pattern.
  • The first and last candlesticks must be unusually large to complete the design, so keep that in mind. If the third candlestick does not drive the price lower than the half-body of the first candle, the bearish abandoned baby candlestick pattern often stays unacceptable.

Call to action


In their market research, many day traders use the bearish abandoned baby candlestick pattern, which is very common. It is also among the most reliable visual indicators of market reversals. The bearish abandoned baby pattern may help you quickly increase your profits if you just start stock trading by leveraging short bets.

However, it would be wise to use indications, such as volume, to validate it. Bearish abandoned baby patterns have a poor signal rate in forex trading because of hard parameters. Trading this pattern in stocks and indices is thus recommended for this reason. You may use this pattern for technical analysis on longer periods to predict a trend reversal.

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